Sławomir Cynk

Institute of Mathematics Jagiellonian University

Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków, Poland

phone: +48-126647634; fax: +48-126646674

e-mail: slawomir.cynk@uj.edu.pl

Sławomir Cynk

Algebraic Geometry - Institute of Mathematics - Jagiellonian University

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Contact information:

Institute of Mathematics
Jagiellonian University
Łojasiewicza 6
30-348 Kraków, Poland
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Office: 2106 (the map of our building - in Polish) 

Office hours:   

Wednesday 14.30-15.30  (preferably with email appointment)

My page in Usos (contains the weekly schedule) 

Research interests:

Calabi-Yau threefolds: constructions of examples (espacially double octics), modularity Calabi-Yau manifolds in positive characteristic non-liftable to characteristic zero modular higher dimensional Calabi-Yau manifolds. 


My former students

PhD Students:

Master  Students:

  • Paweł Borówka 
  • Dominik Burek
  • Maksymilian Grab
  • Romuald Janik (full professor in physics)
  • Michał Lasoń
  • Mateusz Michałek
  • Tymoteusz Chmiel

Jagiellonian University

I live in Kraków, former capital and probably the most beautiful town in Poland. I work at the Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland,


Main courtyard of the oldest university building - Collegium Maius